The power of proprietary video streaming channels for publishers and brands

In today’s dynamic world, where video content is becoming increasingly important, publishers and brands strive to communicate with their readers and target audience in inspiring ways. Traditional methods of communication, such as through print media, advertisements and websites, remain important. However, a new trend is emerging: creating your own video streaming channel. This offers publishers and brands the opportunity to communicate directly with their target audience and create more interaction. In this blog article, we will explore why having your own video streaming channel is interesting compared to well-known platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Full control over branding and content

Having their own video streaming channel gives publishers and brands complete control over their branding, behavior and content. While platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube certainly offer flexibility, they still have limitations in terms of displaying brand identity. In addition, on Youtube, your so carefully acquired viewer, is often just one click away from a competitor’s related video.

Having their own channel allows publishers and brands to determine their own style, design and visual identity, allowing them to create a unique experience that matches their brand and message.

Better user experience and personalized content

An in-house video streaming channel allows publishers and brands to provide a better user experience to their audience. They can design an intuitive interface that seamlessly matches the needs and preferences of their target audience. Moreover, they can offer personalized proprietary content based on user behavior, increasing viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Monetization opportunities and profit retention

Having your own video streaming channel opens up new monetization opportunities for publishers and brands. Instead of depending on ad revenue on external platforms, they can develop their own revenue models. This could include subscriptions, pay-per-view options, selling merchandise or offering exclusive content. By having their own channel, publishers and brands maintain full control over their profit streams.

Direct connection with the target audience

One of the most valuable aspects of having your own video streaming channel is the direct connection with the target audience. Publishers and brands can engage directly with their viewers, receive feedback and gain insight into their preferences and interests. This valuable data can then be used to optimize content strategies, develop new products and improve the overall brand experience.

Independence and flexibility

Having their own video streaming channel offers publishers and brands an independent and flexible approach to content distribution. They are no longer dependent on the algorithms and rules of external platforms. This gives them the freedom to create and distribute content however they want, without worrying about losing visibility or control of their brand. Of course, the platform can be integrated with a Digital Asset Management platform in which all (video) content is managed and metadata.

While platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube are certainly valuable tools for distributing video content, having your own video streaming channel offers unique advantages for publishers and brands. It allows them to strengthen their brand identity, establish a direct connection with their target audience and explore new monetization opportunities. With their own channel, publishers and brands have the freedom, control and flexibility to optimize the content experience and build long-term relationships with their readers and target audience.

VIXY, our video partner, specializes in organizing and hosting video streaming channels/services on your platform. This gives your brand the opportunity to connect with your target audience. Paired with the right content orchestration, you can communicate your brand experience to your target audience in an interactive way

Curious about the possibilities? Contact Qonqord to discuss what a streaming platform can do for you and how to smartly orchestrate all your content for this.



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