UWV publishing platform in the cloud

UWV (Employee Insurance Implementation Institute) ensures expert and efficient implementation of employee insurance policies, such as WW, WIA, WAO, WAZ, Wazo and Sickness Benefits Act. In addition, they provide labor market and data services. UWV is an independent administrative body (ZBO) and works on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

UWV works together with partners and with people who use its services to create a society in which everyone can participate. Its mission is to make a difference by promoting work for people. And if work is impossible to provide income.

The challenge :
The UWV has to deal with laws, legislative changes and exceptions to rules. In order to provide good service, UWV employees must be able to rely on correct, reliable, complete and up-to-date manuals and work instructions. These manuals and work instructions can be found in the manuals, which can be accessed via the Manual Portal. A total of 20,000 employees of the UWV use this information.

Various content teams are working on keeping the content of these manuals up to date. They do this with the PublishOne application. PublishOne must enable the editors to create, structure and ultimately publish content on the Handbook Portal as efficiently as possible. The version of PublishOne that UWV worked with was due for an update and was replaced by a version in the cloud. Here was a nice job for Qonqord!

Our solution:
Together with UWV, Qonqord has set up a custom workflow solution in PublishOne that is based on Word. Editors can write, edit and, after approval, publish the content to a handbook. The publishing platform is linked to the Handbook Portal, which is based on WordPress. By using style sheets in PublisOne, the design of the handbooks and the Handbook Portal is uniform.
The working method was devised in consultation with the UWV, fine-tuned and ultimately implemented together with the key users. We performed the implementation completely remotely in the middle of the corona period.

What did it bring?
By implementing the new solution, UWV is more flexible than ever in processing and publishing content. Changes can be made directly in PublishOne and published by the editors to the Handbook Portal. Because the styling is made uniform with style sheets, the portal has a consistent design.
All content is now available from the cloud. UWV is thus prepared for the future. Editors can work on the publishing platform just as easily from the office as from home. The advantage of the cloud solution is that Qonqord can now implement updates and new requirements much faster.

Jeannette Oostmeijer Project leader at UWV:
“I want to emphasize the service and professionalism of Qonqord during this process. Qonqord made sure that we transitioned from the old tool to the new cloud platform as seamlessly as possible.”



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