The VPRO is a modern cross-media broadcasting association with a long track record. In the coming years, the VPRO wants to continue to play an important role as a supplier of programs that matter to a large and interested audience. The VPRO maintains a creative social and cultural network and has a committed following of members, subscribers, donors and sympathizers.

Recently, the name ‘Multimediale Uitgeverij VPRO Gids’ was created. This expresses an ambition: in addition to the paper guide, this branch of the VPRO also wants to develop digital activities. This turned out to require a multichannel platform for content creation, publishing and management.

Add structure

The VPRO Gids chose to realize this platform with WoodWing Studio and Woodwing Assets . “ The platform is very important to us, ” says Jasper Koning, channel manager at VPRO Gids. †This makes it easy for us to digitally convert the guide every week. In this way we not only prepare the print version, but also the digital version.

Cut-and-paste work is a thing of the past with the platform


“All of our editors now work in WoodWing Studio, and freelancers submit their pieces to it,” says Jasper. That’s progress, because in the past editors used to work in Word and then do cut-and-paste work. The new platform, which was created through an intensive collaboration with Qonqord, provides more structure: “Every week, the platform automatically generates a file containing the entire guide, including articles and images. This is imported fully automatically into our web CMS, Magnolia. Our web editors then edit the guide: on Friday we dot the i’s and cross the t’s and make sure everything is ready in Woodwing. On Monday morning, we check everything one more time in Magnolia and the guide goes online on Tuesday.”

“Qonqord is a stable factor and Woodwing offers specific advantages”


The collaboration with Qonqord is not new: the VPRO Gids has been working satisfactorily with Qonqord for many years. Jasper: “When everything had to change for us, it was nice to keep one aspect stable.” Moreover, during the first acquaintance with Aurora, the advantages quickly emerged. “We needed to upgrade Woodwing’s CMS anyway and we needed a workflow to create the paper magazine. Moreover, we were able to link it well to Magnolia, a CMS that is purely intended for websites. WoodWing Assets came into play for image management – we started using this on the advice of Qonqord. Qonqord has helped us very well in setting up the entire process. What we really like is that Qonqord thinks along. For example, we are currently looking at whether we can use WoodWing Assets in the process in a different way. Qonqord dares to give honest advice.”

In turn, the VPRO Gids also likes to think along: “As an extremely critical club, we scrutinize everything, including the systems with which we work. Qonqord will soon visit us together with Woodwing to discuss a number of points that in our view could perhaps be slightly different. In this way we hope to contribute to making the system even more beautiful!”

We have structured by

  • Savings on DTP production costs
  • Efficient process for digital publishing
  • Integration of data and files
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Online collaboration in workflow
  • Stable work processes
  • Shortened creation and production cycles


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