How agencies can improve time to market for clients

Do you spend a lot of time searching and finding the right files for your customer? And do you get a lot of questions from customers whether content creation can be done even faster and more efficiently?

With a Digital Asset Management platform you can quickly and easily manage and share all digital (brand) assets and content, such as photos, illustrations, logos, videos, audio, presentations, copy and designs with your colleagues (internal) and with the teams at your location. customers (external). By working together more efficiently of all parties involved, you can explicitly save costs, accelerate the time to market and ultimately easily share rich visual content anywhere and at any time. But despite all its advantages, DAM systems remain underused in the world of offices. In this white paper, we discuss some of the common pain points that agencies today experience when storing, sharing and managing their digital files, and show how a DAM can provide quick and easy relief.

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