Why brands and publishers are becoming more and more alike

Brands and publishers are increasingly similar in their marketing strategies. This is because both brands and publishers are realizing that traditional ways of advertising and content creation are no longer sufficient for building a connection with their target audience. Instead, they focus on creating valuable, relevant content that matches their target audience’s interests and building community. An important fact here is that target audiences are rejuvenating, have different interests and consume different media. Print has long since ceased to be the leading channel.

By creating valuable content that aligns with the interests of their target audience, brands hope to build a connection with their audience and thus create a community. This is very similar to the role of a publisher who also creates valuable content for their readers, building a community.

The growth of social media and the fact that consumers are increasingly buying online has played an important role in this. Consumers expect brands to have a presence on social media and to interact with their target audience. This can be in the form of a direct relationship, such as answering questions, or in the form of sharing valuable content. Brands that meet these expectations have an edge over their competitors.

On the other hand, publishers are increasingly aware of the value of brands and are increasingly focusing on building a more personal relationship with readers. This can be done through the use of email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing channels. This allows a publisher to respond quickly and easily to the wants and desires of its target audience.

Either way; brands and publishers need a lot of relevant and especially enticing content to communicate with their target audiences.

This requires an orchestrated approach to content creation and publication across all different channels. How do you organize these processes in a way that content teams can work smartly with each other in creating, reusing and sharing content? How do you ensure that key information from back office systems is smartly integrated into these processes?

Qonqord has over forty years of experience in automating publishing processes. Our consultants are happy to discuss with you how you can optimize your processes and therefore perform better as a brand.



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