Why Swinkels Family Brewers works with Qonqord’s Digital Asset Management

Swinkels Family Brewers, formerly Bavaria, is one of the oldest family businesses in the Netherlands. Under the leadership of the Swinkels family, the brewery in the south of the Netherlands has been brewing beer for seven generations according to a unique family recipe. Swinkels has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and employs 1,000 people. No less than 120 countries enjoy beer brewed by Swinkels. Swinkels carries the brands 8.6, Bavaria, Palm, La Trappe, Corner, 8.6, Rodenbach, Hollandia and Swinckels.

The challenge

The Global Product Management department is responsible for realizing and managing all visuals, images, videos and artwork. The most important task of the department is the worldwide management of the “visual experience” of all Swinkels brands. From Lieshout, marketing support is provided to all countries where the company is active.


The number of online platforms with a lot of rich content has grown strongly in recent years. Developments, such as the increasing number of product variants and shorter product life cycles, have also resulted in a significant growth in the amount of digital material such as logos, product photos, video material, packaging designs, campaign images, posters and banners. A digital asset management platform is essential for managing all brand assets of Swinkels. Managing and worldwide access to these digital assets and monitoring the corporate identity of all online and offline communication is essential for Swinkels’ global marketing campaigns and brand consistency.

Add structure

Why Swinkels has chosen the digital asset management solution Woodwing Assets from Qonqord? With the brand portal, the Global Product Management department has been able to greatly improve the marketing support to the countries, while guaranteeing maximum brand consistency. Employees, web designers, photographers, agencies, as well as distributors can search for all marketing assets and share them via shares and, if desired, download them.

Our approach
  • analysis using workshops
  • design
  • implementation
  • management and maintenance

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We have structured by
  • Consistent brand image
  • Higher ROI from marketing assets
  • Lower process costs
  • Online collaboration in workflow
  • Stable work processes
  • Secure data storage
  • Shortened creation and production cycles
  • Accelerate the time to market


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