WoodWing Studio – A Leap Forward in Multichannel Publishing!

The Multichannel Challenge

Brands and publishers today have almost limitless possibilities to communicate with their target audience. In addition to the website and offline communication, social media are playing an increasingly important role. These offer the possibility to easily share newsletters, blogs, white papers and articles with your target group 24/7. Due to the growth of the internet, apps, e-commerce and trends such as customer experience marketing, the customer journey and individualization, there has been an explosion in the need for rich content.
Content creation, both online and offline, is often done by teams that work for one specific channel. For example, there are teams for web, social and teams for print. Creating and designing this content takes a lot of time and is in many cases done by external agencies. Editing texts, adjusting layouts and monitoring the corporate identity is often a major challenge.

Media neutral creation with WoodWing Studio

With WoodWing Studio you do not make content specific for one channel, but you make content medium neutral so that it is ultimately published from one source to all channels. This means that all textual and visual content is created using files and a Multichannel editor. Channel specific things such as URLs and SEO can of course be added within the platform.
Aurora has links to web and cms platforms such as WordPress and Drupal and to Social Media. Content for print can be automatically formatted via templates and Adobe InDesign server.
Easily create expressions that can be published to all channels, that’s what Woodwing Studio does and which allows teams to collaborate much smarter in creating and publishing content.

Integration with Woodwing Assets digital asset management

Studio is fully integrated with WoodWing Assets, WoodWing’s image bank application, so that image or video content can be easily added to articles, advertisements or brochures. Content that has already been created can also be easily reused.


The WoodWing Studio content creation and publishing process is supported by a workflow where all participants in the processes can collaborate and view and approve the statuses of articles or pages.

What does that mean for your organization?

With media neutral content creation, WoodWing Studio breaks down the silos between print and digital. The time to market of campaigns and product launches is greatly shortened and you are better able to monitor your corporate identity.
It changes and speeds up the way of working, but a much greater additional advantage is that you are not or less dependent on external agencies. You can control the content strategy across all media channels. Of course you can continue to work with agencies to come up with good concepts, but the practical implementation is in your own hands with WoodWing Studio.

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Woodwing Studio

Do you want to be able to publish across all channels easily, faster and at a lower cost? We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.


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