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A future-proof system

WoodWing Studio supports a new way of working for creating media neutral content, breaking the silos between print and digital. Teams work together on the creation of digital and print stories supported by a structured workflow with tasks and approval.

Media neutral Stories

With studio you create a media-neutral “story” in the online editor, in which a (predetermined) document structure is automatically applied. Images, video and illustrations can be easily added from the integrated DAM (WoodWing Assets) system. Variations of a story can be created, edited and automatically placed on a layout where you can review a preview before publishing the story.

Integration CMS, Social and Apps

With the help of the platform, you can eventually publish on digital channels such as your website, Facebook, Instagram and mobile apps. Channel-specific things such as URLs and SEO can of course be added within the platform. Studio offers plugins for web CMS, PIM and CRM systems.


Of course you can still make magazines, brochures and other printables with Studio. Studio works seamlessly with Adobe InDesign (server) where content can be automatically formatted using Adobe InDesign templates.

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Do you also want to create media-neutral content so that you can publish it on any channel at any time?

Would you like to know more about Woodwing Assets, Woodwing’s image bank application?

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