Workflow for content creation

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Workflow content creation

Create media neutral content

The content creation module allows teams in the workflow to collaborate on collecting and creating media neutral storytelling content. This content can ultimately be adapted specifically for the channels and published cross-channel.

Qonqord works for, among others:

Content creation

The platform offers support to teams ( copywriters, editors, designers) for a new way of working for creating media neutral content. Digital and print can thus be perfectly matched.


With the help of the platform you can publish on various digital channels. Specific things such as URLs and SEO can be added. Qonqord offers plugins for CMS systems, social media and apps.

Collect content

You prepare a media neutral article by collecting relevant content in so-called files. Images, videos and illustrations can be easily added from the integrated DAM system.


Magazines, brochures and other printed materials are made using Adobe Indesign templates. This allows content to be automatically formatted and scheduled.

digital editor

With the editor you create stories with variants for digital and print channels. You place your story on a predetermined layout for the relevant channel. This way you can easily create responsive articles that look good on any device.


Content creation and cross-channel publishing are supported by the workflow where teams design, edit, and approve articles and pages.  You can see the status of the pages on the digital shelf.

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Multi-channel storytelling

Do you also want to create your content media neutral so that you can easily publish it to any channel at any time?

What does this mean for your organization?

Reuse of content
speed up time to market
Savings on DTP costs
Cross-selling of services and products
Corporate identity monitoring


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Digital Asset Management

EW/ELSEVIER WEEKLY magazine multichannel publishing

Read in this case how Qonqord, together with Elsevier, opted for an unambiguous multichannel publishing method. Articles can now easily be placed on the websites from the editorial process for the magazines. An important requirement was that they wanted to outsource the entire IT management of the platform to Qonqord.

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Digital Asset Management

Audax Publishing, media neutral content creation and multichannel publishing

To be able to work quickly and flexibly, Audax Publishing turned to Qonqord to set up an editorial workflow for multichannel publishing. The need was for editors, designers and publishers to work better together, both at the office and from home.

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Digital Asset Management

New Skool Media

New Skool Media uses Woodwing Assets to support its editorial and design processes.
NSM’s portfolio now consists of 19 nationally known, special interest brands, including Fiets, EWMagazine, Beleggers Belangen, Columbus, KnipMode, Vorsten, KIJK and delicious.


Knowing more?

Do you also want to create media neutral content via the workflow? We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.